Friday, March 23, 2007

Mother in Laws 80th birthday present

Just as well my mother-in-law doesn't surf as she would be annoyed at me telling the world that she is 80. A very fit, active, independent lady who is very art and crafty herself doing wonderfull decoupage and tremendous cross stitching, what on earth do you get her as a present?

I promised myself that it wouldn't be a quilt, no way. Guess what? Yep! It ended up as a quilt. I went with the memory theme and the square within a square pattern. Due to the messing around I left myself very little time and as a result had to do the piecing by machine. This left me less than happy with the result as it moved around far too much. As usual I did the finishing by hand and put on a label that didn't mention age.

The end result was that she loved it and had a lovely emotional time of memories with her friends on her birthday. I believe before it reaches it's final hanging place it is getting taken around family and friends so I guess the effort was worthwhile and very much appreciated.

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