Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Buttons make all the difference.

I bought this cardigan from the M&S end of line shop at Tillicoultry. Believe me I would never have bought it at the full price. It had the most hidious superlarge press stud fastening at the front that was far too heavy for the garment and caused it to pucker all around the fastening area. That was cut off pronto. What to fasten with?. I had purchased a dozen buttons from Carol at which would work really well. I placed one either side of the front and used the co-ordinating ribbon intended for using to hang on a coathanger to make a loop across.
The other really annoying thing was the sleeves were far too long. Exactly the cuff depth too long. (some of us are under 5ft 8). I stitched the cuff up on the inside seam and used another two of Carols buttons to secure the ouside of the sleeves.
I think it makes an ugly cardigan look much prettier. It will get lots of wear now.