Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Harry Potter craze

Well, I was browsing around in facebook this morning and having a look at some of the groups related to knitting. In one of the groups I came across this blog and was blown away at the content. There are links to free patterns that people have posted for you to to knit anything from a bookmark to full sweaters. Some of the patterns are well worth a look. I highly recommend spending time at this blog and it's links for all Potter fans.
The balaclava and hooded gloves pictured here are not, however linked to the above mentioned blog. This was a custom knit I did for a fan of both Harry Potter and friends and of balaclavas. I think I shall keep this one to myself for now.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Well, already thoughts are turning towards Autumn. After the summer we have had I actually find that quite comforting. I love the colours of Autumn, all those reds, brown, golds. It makes travelling in the highlands here much more interesting. There is something very inspiring about these colours especially mixed with the purples and greens on the heather moorlands.
We will be travelling to Argyl either through Speyside or down the Great Glen next month and I will spend a good part of the journey watching the countryside for signs of the changes in colour that hail the start of Autumn. The beauty of being a non-driver.
The inspiration so far has resulted in a sweater with squirrels on it. The front has a very busy squirrel working on a nut and the back has two sqirrels either chatering or confronting each other, depending on how you want your story to go.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Explore Dawanda

Have finally got around to telling you about a newish site for selling and buying handmade goods.
Dawanda is based in Germany and therefore is a little more European friendly as everything is dealt with in Euros. It is funny to see the Americans that have strayed onto this site from Etsy struggling with the very problems that we all struggled with when having to convert to US$.
( I mean funny in the nicest way possible of course ).
Anyway, Dawanda has some wonderfull European crafters selling their creations. It is bright and cheerfull. As with all sites it has it's own navigation system but with a little patience it is easy to find your way around.
It is also multi lingual haveing the ability to post and use the forums in German, French and English.
This is a young site but I highly recommend that you either click here or use the small dawanda button opposite to go and have a browse and see what you think. I would be interested to read your comments if you would like to leave them here once you have had a look at the site.
Happy shopping.