Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New year

Well, another new year and Margaret still trying to play catchup with the world in general. Got onto this site via the forums in Etsy.com only to find that I already had a blog which must have been done on one of my computer challenged days as I had merely joined and did nothing about setting up. I do find that if I can't figure out what is going on after a few tries then I am better going doing something else and coming back later. The trick these days is remembering to come back and where I had been. Anyone else know that feeling? or are you all spritely young things like the new members from my school on another site, most of whom weren't even born when I left school. I should just audition now for grumpy old women, shouldn't I?
POSITIVE THOUGHTS FOR 2007. I am going to learn all about blogging and networking without bugging my stepson as I did far too much of that in 2006 ( I think it makes him feel wanted but makes me feel inadequate ). I have met so many nice people on Etsy.com in the last few months( link below) that it has finally restored my faith in the human race that some people out there do care about each other and what is happening in the world.
I am also determined that a very challenging project set me by a client will be finished this month. It is a combination of patchwork and applique in silks and satins to compliment an existing piece of clients wardrobe and truth be told I have been a little feirt of it but have now grabbed it with both hands and taken control. It's also a bit scary that client is on other side of the pond making fittings impossible.
If anyone would like to peruse the links below and make comments or suggest new projects I could tackle then please feel free, but don't be too hard on this almost menopausal, feeling her age woman. Constructive would be good.