Sunday, March 1, 2009

The bit they hate

These are not custom bears so are waiting for inspiration to come from me. All too slowly as far as they are concerned. Both were intended to go with a tartan waistcoat I had made but both are too small. I really think I got the cart before the horse there.
The female bear is just about finished. That flower has a pin holding it in place and she has a pin in each of her limbs and her centre back awaiting the handstitching closures. Again cart before horse, the shawl was knitted some weeks ago and sat waiting on a suitable wearer.
As for the gentleman bear. Well, as you can see his garment is almost finished. The sleeves are lying waiting to be attached but I have had an idea that I want to convert this garment into a Jacobite style top and make a waistcoat to go on top.
You can well imagine that they get fed up sitting here in the lounge while I keep glancing at them and waiting for the right idea. Not to mention that Hamilton Hare sits behind my head on the back of the settee making all sorts of remarks.........but that's another story!
Let's you see that we mean "one off" or "original" when we list as such.