Thursday, January 22, 2009

Burns and Homecoming

New Year, New Rule. Must keep this blog going this year!

As soon as New Year Celebrations were out of the road I started on a tartan pinafore (above)
for a Scottish girl living "down South" who wanted to do a Burn's night for her friends and finished a long promised tartan skirt for a friend for her TWO Burn's nights. Imagine my surprise when checking retailers websites for pricing help and I find a not disimilar skirt in the Per Una range ( well thiers had more fussy detail than mine). An exra bonus for my friend as she had looked in Per Una and apart from not liking the red tartan, the sales assistant had told her it was wool. Well that assistant just lost the sale as my friend is allergic to wool. As it happens the skirt was not wool but manmade fibres and would have been perfectly OK for my friend.