Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Old World Shoppe

Today I would like to introduce you to Edie of http://ediecastle.etsy.com Edie is a memeber of the OWS group who craft using traditiional methods, skills and materials. If you like what you see in Edie's shop you can enter ows into the search engine at http://etsy.com and you will be led to the other members of the group.

1. How are your creations inspired?

I get my inspiration from all around me. I am very visual. I can see anything and just about make something like it. I don't need a pattern. I make up my own. I love to look at catalogs and dream about how I can make something I have seen. Of course the things I make, bags, pillowcases, jewelry totes, etc. all have a basic shape that is not difficult to duplicate. I am afraid I am not very original. I do wish I could come up with something that no one has ever thought about, but I believe that place has already been taken. There is really nothing new on earth.

2. Which product are you proudest of and why?
I believe I am proudest of my handbags and shoulder bags. I have always had a love for bags. Even as a child, at the middle of the last century, I would take a cereal box and make a purse to play with. Even before "making your own bag" became popular, I made a bag occasionally just for fun. Now I have perfected the construction of my bags in such a way that they will last a long time. I use plenty of fleece, interfacing, and other means of construction to make a quality bag that anyone can be proud of. I believe in having all the seams matching, fabric cut in the right direction, seams finished with a serger where necessary, and many pressings throughout construction. I go that extra mile to make something that will bring complements to you when you carry it or use it.

3. What kind of work area do you create your pieces in?
My work area consists of a small room that is totally devoted to sewing. I tell everyone it is "insulated" with material! There are very few bolts of fabric that I can resist! I have so much material, thread, trim, and construction materials, until there is hardly room to work. I have a "brand new" Janome Memory Craft 6600 that I love to sew on. I also have a Singer 5 thread serger that I have had for sometime. My house and sewing room is smoke free and pet free so people who are sensitive to these two things, can feel free to buy from me.

4. What are your favourite colours?
My favorite colors are fall colors. I am just drawn to oranges, browns, dark yellows, and dark greens. I have to make myself buy other colors because I am reminded that everyone does not care for the colors I do.