Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peace swap

Today, while watching closely day 1 post-op dog, I finished my Item for the Etsy Peace swap.

I was paired with a lovely stained glass artist so I had my work cut out, espeially once I saw her completed piece for me which you can see at

She requested a bear in anything red. I persuaded myself to part with this last piece of lovely crushed velvet which I adore. Carefull working was needed as velvet frays so easily when you work with it. The little gold coloured tears are to represent the ever striving failure to find Peace in the many parts of our world. As this bear is about to go on a very long journey from Scotland to the U.S.A. I have made it a tartan blanket, also in red, which is in my own family tartan Christie. As you can see it has a very fat tummy so that should see it on it's trip okay.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Peace swap

I have been involved in a Peace theme swap on Etsy, the shopping site for handcrafted goods of all types. This morning I got an e-mail from Vicki ( the person I was paired with ) with a link to this site where she had posted my piece of stainedglass. I amabsolutely delighted with it. I knew Vicki did wonderfull work but ws unprepared for the piece she has made me. I would urge you to visit Vicki's blog at http// and take a look at what she has made me. I must away and make progress on what I am making Vicki. I will post it when it is done.

Mother in Laws 80th birthday present

Just as well my mother-in-law doesn't surf as she would be annoyed at me telling the world that she is 80. A very fit, active, independent lady who is very art and crafty herself doing wonderfull decoupage and tremendous cross stitching, what on earth do you get her as a present?

I promised myself that it wouldn't be a quilt, no way. Guess what? Yep! It ended up as a quilt. I went with the memory theme and the square within a square pattern. Due to the messing around I left myself very little time and as a result had to do the piecing by machine. This left me less than happy with the result as it moved around far too much. As usual I did the finishing by hand and put on a label that didn't mention age.

The end result was that she loved it and had a lovely emotional time of memories with her friends on her birthday. I believe before it reaches it's final hanging place it is getting taken around family and friends so I guess the effort was worthwhile and very much appreciated.