Thursday, April 23, 2009

They survived!

Well they did survive the process. She is now all dressed up with no where to go. She did make a trip down south with us the other week as she was listed on e-bay and I don't like my customers to have to wait once they have purchased. She didn't sell (I should know better about e-bay by now) and I foolishly showed her to my mum. My mum will usually point out the things that aren't right before giving any praise but this time she actually said I had made a good job straight off and I nearly came home without the bear. Still recovering from the shock! The green tweed bear kind of reminds me of Patrick from Eastenders (yes I do watch it sometimes).
Have just heard that we are getting press passes for the Aviemore trade show (an independent newspaper is a hobby we have). If it turns out that we can use the passes I will let you know in case you are going to be there.

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