Thursday, May 10, 2007

Old World Shops on Etsy

Do you value the more traditional things in life?
Do you appreciate the time and effort that a craftsperson puts into their work?
Are you after an item that will last and reflect your personality rather than a fashion whim for a few months?
Do you appreciate quality and timeless beauty?
If you answered yes to some or all of the above questions then you need to browse in the Old World Shoppes on
Jump over to Etsy and and enter the code ows into the tag;item search on the top right of the page and you will be led to some fantastic items individually crafted by artists and creators on Etsy from the world over who spend time and patience making these items just for you.
Most of the artists you will find to begin with are from the U.S. but there are a growing number from Canada, U.K., mainland European countries and many other countries.
For quality and individuality visit Old World Shoppes at

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